For my first coworking post – I decided to do a test-drive at my local library.


Now of course I’ve been to the library many times before but this is the first time I did it with Lift Top.  A few years ago,  I switched internet providers and was informed that there would be no connection for a period of five days.  For a freelancer like me, no internet = no work + go crazy (think Jack Nicholson in the Shining…)  Anyways, to keep things sane, I looked into various options and decided at the time that the library would be the best solution.

One thing I remember all those years ago was the excellent internet connection and this time it was no different.


For the most part, I had a very respectable 20+ Mb/s download and a somewhat more dodgy upload ~2 Mb/s

The furniture at the library is pretty good with lots of tables and desks to chose from.  I chose a spot near the window and fortunately the desk was big enough to fit Lift Top.

SC_LiftTop Flat_web

I chose the window seat not only for the view but also because of the proximity of the electrical outlets.

The next thing was the unpacking of a crucial library accessory, especially if you’re solo:


Although a laptop lock is really only a deterrence, hopefully it will be enough to keep things where they should be (Anyways, there was NO way I wasn’t going to use it because for some reason this particular lock was sold out at four different stores around my neighborhood and it took me FOREVER to finally get it…)

Finally, after getting everything setup, locked-up and plugged in – I discovered that the outlet wasn’t in the ideal position.  One of the things that need to be considered when using a standing desk is the extra power-cable length needed.  Below is a picture with Lift Top in its new location…

SC_LiftTop Up_web

The library vibe seemed pretty typical.  A mixture of suburbians, seniors, students and babies.  Noise level wasn’t too distracting.  Sometimes it can be hit-or-miss.

SC People_web

Although it isn’t really a coworking office space, the library has several good things going for it:

  • Free parking
  • Free admission
  • Free internet
  • + lots of books and magazines

This particular library also has the bonus benefits of:

  • Good transit/accessibility
  • Starbucks,  Wal-Mart and Five Guys is just around the corner…

At the same time there are also some disadvantages:

  • Not a professional environment
  • Discussion/phone calls not really encouraged
  • No food/drink

In summary, I was at the library for about 4 hours and it was fairly productive.  I got some work done and there weren’t too many distractions.  The WiFi was great and there no issues with Lift Top (I was actually very glad to have it because I forgot that the chairs were the wooden/no padding type…)

If you need to get out of the house or would like to change things up a bit – definitely check out your local library!