Next stop was Studio 89 which is actually a local Non-Profit Organization that hosts community events.  One such event is the Collaboration Café that is run by a meetup group called the Mississauga Coworking Community.  The group is working to promote the co-working concept within Mississauga, which by the way, is strangely devoid of any co-working spaces.

Studio 89 is tucked into the corner of a business mall located near central Mississauga and has lots of free parking.  While easily accessible by car there are also a surprising number of bus stops not too far away.  Getting here should not be a problem.


The space itself is quite vibrant with an amazing mural that covers an entire wall.


Studio 89 is supported through its coffee and food counter and everything offered is produced as ethically as possible – you can check out their menu here.  I ordered a coffee, the Banana Chocolate Bread and a Chocolate Coconut macaroon (I had skipped lunch…) and it was all very delicious.

Upon arrival, I was given a friendly welcome by the organizers of the meetup and after a quick tour of the space, I setup shop on one of the tables.  There wasn’t an outlet nearby but fortunately I had brought an extension cord so no big deal (for the coworking event, power bars are available…).  The WiFi wasn’t the greatest either and sometimes it dropped out…


However, that being said, it was a very cool environment to be working in.  Music was playing the entire time and everyone seemed to be into their work.  If you’re looking for a space that has a dynamic vibe and good company then the meetup at Studio 89 is a very good choice.


Studio.89 is a free space for community events that also offers free workshops and resources as well as empowerment and entrepreneurship opportunities.