Halton Hive is a coworking space located in Burlington.  The space itself is a converted, single-level warehouse that has an incredible amount of room.  There’s also an incredible amount of free parking available as well – a welcome upgrade from its previous downtown location.    It is just off the exit from the QEW/403 which makes it easy to get to by car.  A bus stop is also nearby.


The entrance is through a bright glass lobby at the corner of the building.  Inside the lobby is a selection of chairs and a small bar table.  This sunny spot to work and meet also seems to be the goto place when you need to take a call…

HHive_Front  HHive_Front Lobby

Upon walking in, you are greeted by the receptionist and a very large open room.  The room is divided into three main sections.  The first section is an informal collection comfy seating.  There are coffee tables and a TV display.  It serves as a good buffer between the entrance and the working areas.


The next section is the main communal coworking area.  It consists of an eclectic collection of tables and desks.  The wide assortment of styles has a nice indie feel to it.  Power is available at all locations.  Although the style may vary between items, all the furniture looks to be of high quality.  A nice touch is the availability of monitors that can be plugged into if needed.  I also spotted some platforms that could be used to make a standing desk (on a side note, standing all day isn’t great either, being able to change your working position is ideal…).

HHive_Inside1  HHive_Standing Desk

Next are the cubicles that occupy one side of the room.   This section offers more privacy and less distractions than the communal working area.  It also has the benefit of lockable storage.

HHive_Cubicles  HHive_Desk1

The final section are the individual offices that occupy one wall of the room.  All the offices are bright and have large windows.  Very Don Draper with the vintage styling!

Away from the working areas is the lounge.  The lounge has several comfortable chairs and sofas.  The TV can be used for presentations if needed.


On the other side of the lounge is the kitchen.  The kitchen area is massive, as can be seen in the panorama below.  In addition to the kitchen and cafeteria style dining area, there are Foosball, Pool and Ping-Ping tables.  Apparently ping-pong is the game of choice.  I was asked several times if I was interested in playing (for the record I can play, just not very well…)


Free coffee and tea is available.  There also a selection of pod-type coffee machines but the pods are bring your own.


Even with all these large open areas – there is still space to grow.  Under construction is a very large room that would great for larger groups (50-100 people?).  There may even be a music room and gym being added at a later time.

The internet speed was excellent with download AND upload speeds hovering around 20Mb/s


If you’re in the Burlington Area and are looking for a space that has plenty of room, free parking and fellow entrepreneurs – than the Halton Hive is a great choice.