Located in downtown Toronto, Brightlane is one of the newer entrants to the coworking scene.  It is also a surprisingly large space with an amazing amount of amenities.  Other than the top floor, Brightlane occupies the entire building at 545 King Street West.  The main entrance is at the end of the laneway, beside the building.

BR_StreetView   BR_Front

Although I missed it at first, there is also an area outside to lock up your bike.  A very impressive mural dominates the space.


Parking is not provided but there is a nearby parkade that offers a discounted monthly package to members.  There is also the King St. streetcar that runs 24/7…

On the first floor is reception, an elevator to access the upper levels and a very nice auditorium + kitchen to facilitate catered events (on a side note this space is available to non-members…)

BR_Auditorium  BR_Auditorium1  BR_Kitchen

After checking in at reception, I was escorted to the 3rd floor of the building.  The entire 3rd floor is devoted to office space and is very similar to the 2nd and 4th floors.  Although every floor has an area for coffee and snacks, only the 3rd floor has the incredible kitchen and dining setup.  Like the rest of the building (foreshadowing…) it seems like no expense was spared in the design and construction of the kitchen.  All the equipment is top-of-the-line.  There are (2) industrial dishwashers, several microwaves, toasters and toaster ovens and a commercial grade popcorn machine…

BR_Lounge1  BR_Lounge


A large selection of beverages is also available.  There is a small cistern of lemon water to fill-up your water-bottle, several fine teas, craft beer every Friday and…the Coffee.  If I were to describe the coffee in one word it would be Woot!  This coffee is so good, it alone may justify a membership at Brightlane.  I was informed that a great deal of research went into the selection of not only the coffee, but also the machine to make it and it shows.  The machine is basically an automated barista, capable of making a multitude of drinks.  The crazy thing is that there is not one, but TWO of these (similar) machines.  Truly, a very amazing setup!

BR_Coffee2  BR_Coffee

Attached to the kitchen and dining area is the outside deck/lounge.  This area is well-equipped with a BBQ, tables and several comfortable chairs.  It’s a great multi-purpose, outdoor spot for working and collaborating.



As mentioned earlier, the office spaces on each floor are quite similar in layout.  Each floor has a combination of communal, working areas and more private, glass-walled offices. This layout makes for a good blend of corporate and artistic vibes.  All the chairs, desks and furniture are of excellent quality.

BR_Office3  BR_CloseUp

BR_Office2  BR_Chair

Below is a (epic…) panorama of one the areas:


Walking around I also noticed that some members had brought their own sit-stand workstations (yay!)

BR_VariDesk  BR_LiftTop

Other notable features include:

Indoor bike storage ->


Several meeting rooms ->


Wellness/Nap Room -> no picture… 🙁

Privacy Pods ->


and SUPER fast internet  ->

BR_Internet  Woot!…

As one can see, the amenities at Brightlane are quite impressive with a great amount of thought and effort going into every detail.  That being said, it seems like an equal amount of thought and effort goes into building the culture at Brightlane.  Every day at around 3pm, fresh baked goods that are made on-premise, are served in the main kitchen as incentive for people to get from their desks and mingle with their fellow members.  Similarly on every Friday, a keg of craft beer is cracked open to encourage socializing and networking.

The founder of Brightlane is the late G. Raymond Chang.  He was well-regarded as both a very successful businessman and a very generous philanthropist.  His spirit of entrepreneurism and thoughtfulness can be clearly seen and experienced at Brightlane.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, well-equipped space with nice, friendly people – Brightlane is a great choice!