Workplace One – King St E is situated just a few blocks north of the Distillery District in downtown Toronto.  WP1 occupies the entire 2nd floor of a five-storey, brick-and-beam office/retail building.


Access is through two elevators.  Please note that one of the elevators requires a key-card for access, otherwise it just zooms past the 2nd floor…

The other elevator is clearly indicated by signage and exits directly in front of reception.  This arrangement is for the security of the office and ensures there are no unregistered people wandering around.


Although there is a communal area for working, the majority of the space is dedicated to individual offices.  Although the size of the offices may vary, they are all done in the same style with semi-private glass walls.  This helps maximize the number of units while keeping the space from feeling claustrophobic.  Daylight can be seen from anywhere in the office.  The opaque privacy band also works as an impromptu white board.

  WP1KE_Offices  WP1KE_Offices2  WP1KE_Offices1

The floor plan of the office is U-shaped with the lounge area located on one of the legs.  It is an artfully done space with plush seating and designer tables.  A wall mounted TV streams the news.  Free coffee and tea is provided.  For making coffee there is a perculator and an automatic-expresso machine.  A keg is also available for the infamous ‘Beer-O-Clock’ social…

WP1KE_Lounge1   WP1KE_Lounge2

The communal working space is accessible through the lounge.  A glass door separates the two areas.


Inside the communal space is a large table, several individual workstations and a separate enclosed room.  The furniture and seating is quite nice.  With its high ceilings and large window, the room is definitely a nice space to be work in.  When I was there the atmosphere was very quiet and the general etiquette was to either go into the lounge or the enclosed room if you had to take a call.

WP1KE_Common2  WP1KE_Common3   WP1KE_Common1

Overall the space is very nicely done and the level of finish and quality lends itself well with the surrounding neighborhood.  There are several high-end design and furniture stores nearby and many of those pieces would feel right at home.


Internet speed was stable at around 9 Mb/s down and up.


Although parking is not provided, there is a parking lot conveniently around the corner.  Just be careful where you park, it looks like some of the spaces are reserved for car sharing services.  Other transit options include the King St. streetcar that runs 24/7.


A special shout-out goes to the staff at WP1 – King St E., as I was very impressed by their courtesy and professionalism.

If you’re looking for an impeccably done space that is clean, quiet and close to the Distillery District – check out WP1, King St E!