The Workplace One Queen St-W. coworking space is located at 51 Wolseley Street in a beautiful 4-story, brick and beam building in downtown Toronto.


Conveniently located near both the Queen St and Bathurst St streetcar lines, it is very accessible by transit.  Parking is not provided but there are two nearby parking lots.

The communal area is located in the basement while the upper floors are dedicated to individual offices.  Throughout the building there are many large windows to let in natural light.


The large, street-level windows are great for people watching and being connected with the city.  The window ledge serves as a great substitute for a standing desk!

WP1QW_Window  WP1QW_Standing

Tables are positioned on one side of the room while the other half consists of the kitchen, comfy seating and two boardrooms.  Coffee and tea is provided.  The jug of lemon water is a nice touch.

WP1QW_Layout1  WP1QW_Kitchen  WP1QW_Lounge  WP1QW_Layout2

The majority of the table seating consists of red plastic chairs that are surprisingly comfortable.  Plug-ins for power depend on the location.  For the two long tables near the front – I noticed only a few nearby wall outlets.  The two tables in the rear however have several outlets mounted on tabletop itself.  Although the table size is adequate for laptop users – Lift Top users will find that only the front two tables have enough room.  Even then, the ends of the table are best locations…


The internet speed was unfortunately not the greatest.  I ran several tests throughout the day and found that the speed varied considerably.


The WP1, Queen St E. has the largest communal co-working areas among all its locations.  In terms of vibe, I would say that it was definitely uptown/cosmopolitan.


If your looking for a beautiful space in a prestigious location, that is sure to impress – check out WP1, Queen St W!