Project OWL is a coworking space located at 20 Camden St in downtown Toronto.  The space occupies the top two floors of a three story building.  This is the second facility to open under the team that started Project Rhino.


There are many transit options including the Spadina and Queen St streetcars.  The prices shown below are for weekdays 9-5.   Indoor bike storage is also available.

OWL_Parking  OWL_Bike

The first level of Project Owl consists of reception, the lounge area, main kitchen and two boardrooms.  The lounge area is quite large with many tables and couches.

OWL_Reception1  OWL_Lounge    OWL_Boardroom

The top level is the permanent desk area for members.  It is a large open concept room that is as densely filled with desks as possible.  There are no walls or dividers – just a big open area where people work together.  Other than the sea of desks with the occasion sit-stand station, what I remember most was actually the vibe.  It was as if anything could happen or be created in this room.  The energy was very tangible.

OWL_Upstairs1  OWL_Upstairs2

It seems like the emphasis here is on the practical rather than on the showy.  For example: The furniture is plain but there is plenty of room to work.  The lounge is filled with folding chairs and tables but this makes it easy to reconfigure the space.  The kitchen isn’t very fancy but there is a commercial grade coffee setup.  Instead of designer lights there is a fantastic server and network to support blazing fast internet speeds.

OWL_Folding  OWL_Kitchen  OWL_Coffee  OWL_Internet

That being said, OWL is far from being a dreary place.  Upstairs is bit more techy and sparten but there are many windows throughout the building to let in natural light.  In the lounge area there is a very cool mural and a nice sound system.  There is art work on every wall.

There are also events to help foster collaboration and community.  On the first Thursday of every month – there is a drink social between 5-7pm.  As an added perk, there are various workshops that are held and are usually free for members.

OWL_Lounge1  OWL_Mural  OWL_Poster


If you’re looking for a place to work with other creatives and entrepreneurs – check out the the fantastic work atmosphere at OWL!