Camaderie is located just outside downtown Toronto near the intersection of Blood and Dundas.  This is a very accessible location with many options including subway and streetcar although parking is bit vague.  There is a mall right across the street but I don’t know how strict they are on “guests”.  However, I was able to find free parking (pretty sure, didn’t see any signs…) on the street about three blocks away.

CAM_Store_Front  CAM_Door

The top floor of a three story building is the main space with the coworking area.   On the 2nd floor there is a large boardroom and permanent desks.  Coworkers who have difficulty with stairs may want to look elsewhere as there is no elevator.

CAM_3rdFloorSign  CAM_2ndFloorSign  CAM_Stairs1

The spaces are somewhat unique as they were residential apartments at one point.  Some elements were kept while others were renovated.  As a result, Camaderie has a distinctive homey feeling to it.  Large windows in the front and rear of the building plus three skylights provide lots of natural light.

CAM_Front Office  CAM_Skylight

On the top floor there are two coworking areas. One is located in the front and the other is near the back.  Both areas are outfitted with white tables and black office chairs.  No problems fitting Lift Top!  Linking both areas is the galley kitchen and bathroom.  In the very rear is the lounge area.

CAM_Desk  CAM_BackOffice  CAM_Lounge


There are many nice touches throughout the space. Exposed brick walls.  Artwork by local artists.  A bookcase with games and books.

CAM_Hallway1  CAM_Artwork  CAM_Hallway

Coffee, tea and snacks are provided.  The coffee, BTW, is quite excellent.  Equipment-wise, it a very humble setup that uses a standard home percolator unit.  On the other hand, the actual coffee beans are fantastic.  The coffee is supplied by a local roaster and the product is superb.

The wifi speed was a respectable 12ish MB/s down and 10 MB/s up.  On a down note however, the connection was a bit spotty at times…


As I mentioned earlier, there is a distinctive homey feeling to this coworking space.  As a result, it may not be suitable for people who are looking for a place to impress clients.  However, if you’re a freelancer looking for a more relaxed place where you can be with others – then check out Camaderie!  It’s located in a vibrant neighborhood with great access to transit.