Lab-B is a coworking space located near the intersection of Main St and Queen St. in downtown Brampton at 60 Queen St E #104.  The building itself is a fully renovated two-story brick and beam building with Lab-B occupying a space on the ground floor.

LB_Front Door

The space itself is not large but it is nicely laid-out.  There are four main areas to Lab-B.  A permanent office space, the boardroom, a galley kitchen and a coworking area. The washrooms are on other floors of the building.

LB_Hallway  LB_Boardroom



Although Lab-B is a smaller space, there are many nice things going for it.


Number one, the price.  At the moment there is a summer promotion to help build awareness of the new location and the concept of coworking in general.  As a result, the price of a daypass is zero!  This is definitely the best deal in town and a great opportunity to try out coworking!


Number two, the coffee.  The setup at Lab-B is a commercial-type drip brewer with a manual-pump, thermal carafe.  When it was time for me to grab a cup of joe, it didn’t look like the machine had been used and I wasn’t sure if there was even any coffee.  When I pushed down on the pump and saw the coffee come out, I was skeptical that it would be hot.  Fortunately, all my concerns were eliminated with that first sip.  Hot, full flavored coffee!  Coffee is free but there is tip-jar to help offset costs.

LB_BarTable  LB_Coffee

Number three, the Internet. For this, their size works to their advantage.  Although, I didn’t test multiple locations – I’m assuming that the signal is strong throughout the space.   Throughout my stay, the WiFI was fast and stable.


Another great thing about Lab-B is the vibe.  Perhaps with a small space, it’s hard not to interact with people.  During my visit, I spent a large percentage of my time talking to people and showing them Lift Top.  People were very receptive and asked many of questions.  I also observed attendees helping each other with advice and feedback.  All in all, a real nice and friendly environment to be working in.


The biggest drawback is the parking.  The nearest lot is about a 5min walk and street parking has a 90min limit.  Although there is no free parking, rates are lower than downtown Toronto.

If you’re looking for a coworking space in Brampton – come check out the great vibe and internet at Lab-B!