The Foundery is located near downtown Toronto at the intersection of Bathurst and Dundas St. W.  It occupies the entire two-story building at 376 Bathurst St.

FO_Front  FO_Door

The Foundery is quite accessible by transit with two streetcar lines to choose from.  However, on the flip side, parking can be challenging as there are no nearby lots…


The main floor layout consists of a lounge area near the entrance.  Large tables are positioned alongside the walls.  At the rear of the building is the boardroom and kitchen.  The top level is reserved for Designated Desks, the Studio Space and the outdoor deck.  In the basement are private office areas.

FO_Lounge  FO_Office

FO_BackOffice1  FO_Desk

FO_Kitchen  FO_Boardroom

On the other side of the main floor is the separate event space and gallery.


Day passes are available but a reservation is required (something I discovered on my first attempt).  Day passes are also limited to the main floor but fortunately, I was given a tour of the building during my earlier visit.  Probably the most memorable items from the tour would be:

  • The spacious deck
  • Large front windows which provide ample natural light
  • Shower facilities
  • Artist studio spaces

Internet speed was very solid at 57MB/s down and 8MB/s up.


The space has a nice vibe to it.  There are plants all throughout the space and there is plenty of room to stretch out.  There are also large street side windows on the main floor which allow for a great view of the hustle and bustle.


The Foundery is one of the early pioneers in the coworking movement. It is different from most of the spaces I’ve visited which are directed more towards business or tech.  The Foundery is unique in that it has not only a gallery/event space but actual artist studios.

If you are looking for a coworking space with a unique blend, try the Foundery!