The Creative Space (TCS) is situated 1 hour north of Toronto in the city of Barrie.  It is a northern outpost for coworkers who do not reside in Toronto.  TCS is in a vibrant location, downtown Barrie, with many coffee shops and restaurants near by.  Paid parking is available at a nearby lot.

TCS_Outside  TCS_Parking1

TCS is situated in a turn-of-the-century bank that has many interesting architectural features.  The main coworking space is a large airy chamber with many windows.  At the back there is a kitchen area, conference room and quiet space. (Check out the vault!).  One cool feature is the fully-functioning garage door that opens toward the street. It also has an elevated interior deck that can be used as a stage.  Throughout the space are beautiful paintings from local artists.

TCS_lobby  TCS_Garagedoor

TCS_Lifttop  TCS_Kitchen

TCS_Boardroom  TCS_Vault

In the loft above the kitchen are individual offices and a large conference room.


Internet speed was solid at with at least 12Mb/s down and 6 Mb/s up.


TCS is a surprisingly large building with many different areas.  The top floor has several offices of varying sizes.  One of the offices serves as a studio space for a local artist.  TCS has the rare combination of tech and the arts.  The top floor also has a very large conference room with a nice view of downtown.  Check out the high ceilings!

TCS_Office  TCS_Boardroom1  TCS_Top Floor

In the basement of TCS is a hacker-space and…a 3D printer!  So cool! It’s available for members to use (just need to figure it out though…)  This is definitely a space for tech enthusiasts – there is even an exhaust system designed to vent out any soldering fumes.  It is a large space with room to expand, plus there is also another vault!

TCS_Basement  TCS_3Dprinter  TCS_Ventilation

TCS is more than just a coworking space.  TCS is a hub for entrepreneurs and the community.  It is the home for several meetups and toastmaster groups.  Laurentian University offers classes.  Venturelab, an entrepreneurial incubator, will soon be contributing valuable advice and resources.


If you live in the Barrie area, don’t work alone!  Check out the great facilities and community at The Creative Space!