How much weight can it support?

Officially, the weight limit is 20lbs between 17″ & 8″. However, the higher Lift Top is set – the more weight it can support.
Check the video of me pushing and shaking Lift Top with a 30lb load.  Enjoy!

How big is it?

Length: 28 in / 711 mm
Width: 19 in / 483 mm
Height (max):  17 in / 431 mm
Height (min): 1 in / 25 mm

How heavy is it?

Wood Version: 8 lbs
Plastic Version: 7 lbs

How does Lift Top compare to the competition?

Size: Lift Top is sized to fit a laptop, mouse, coffee and smartphone comfortably.   None of these other devices offer the real estate needed to keep you productive throughout the day.

Quality: Lift Top is designed to be a professional-grade, productivity tool. Only the best materials are used.  Its rigid and stable design gives you assurance and confidence when using it.  These other devices feel like novelty-items in comparison.

Transitioning: Sitting all day is unhealthy but who wants to stand all day either?   That’s why Lift Top is designed to easily transition between sitting and standing positions in seconds.  Compare that to these other devices which cannot transition at all if there is anything on top…

The World's most versatile sit/stand desk!

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